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Textile printing grade - sodium alginate factory direct

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Textile printing grade sodium alginate use

Suitable for rotary screen printing, flat screen printing, reactive, disperse printing

1.Printing paste

Sodium alginate used in warp sizing, trimming paste, printing paste has a long history, but mainly in the printing paste, sodium alginate is used as active dyestuff, with unique properties. Reactive chemical fiber and a reaction, the dye fixed on the fiber, the dyeing process used in printing paste should not interfere with or participate in chemical reaction bonding. Involved in the response if the color, will be fixed in the fiber, which resulted in hand dyed fibers made of hard, brittle, the color is not good. When using sodium alginate as the printing paste, dyeing process does not affect the reactive dye and fiber, and print out a clear pattern, bright, color yield high, feel is good, is not only suitable for chandar ink, also suitable for wool, silk, synthetic fiber printing. Medium viscosity and low viscosity sodium alginates are all fit on the screen printing to barrel-type printing paste requirements. The printing paste with low viscosity sodium alginate were actually more stable. This makes the printing paste prepared with higher content of possible, this kind of printing paste can lead to dense film during drying process, the dyeing rate increase.

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  • Packaging Detail : The woven bags lined with plastic bags, 25 KGS/bag
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Textile printing thickener sodium alginate, viscosity 1% solution 120 CPS
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