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99% 99.5% Sodium Chlorate NaClO3

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The compound Sodium chlorate is an inorganic material with the standard equation NaClO3. Its physical properties include being white in color and having a crystalline nature that promptly dissolves in water. It has been known to be hygroscopic (absorbing moisture from the air) in nature. It decays over 573 Kelvin to discharge O2 and leave behind NaCl. Quite a lot of Sodium chlorate is created every year, mostly for various uses in the oxidizing mash to deliver a high-quality paper.

The physical properties of sodium chlorate are quite similar to other inorganic salts. Some of them are listed below-

1). It is an odourless compound.

2). Its color differs from light yellow to white crystalline solid.

3). It is very soluble in water and heavier than water. Hence, it can sink and break up at a fast rate.

4). While it is not an explosive by itself, yet it can cause powerful combustion on coming in contact with water. It causes a highly exothermic reaction. Even if 30% of molecules are in the water, they can cause a powerful oxidizing reaction due to their inherent properties.  

5). Its density is 2.49 g/cm.

6). Sodium chlorate’s boiling point is 300 degrees C and the melting point is 248 degrees C.

7). It is also soluble in some organic solvents like glycerol and methanol. It is also slightly soluble in acetone.

8). It has a cubic crystal structure.


Chemical Properties of Sodium Chlorate

1) . It is a powerful oxidizing agent. The hypochlorite ion helps to oxidize and bleach any chemical.

2) It has a heat capacity of 104.6 Jmol/K.

3). It can react with many different chemical compounds such as other bromides and acids. When it is brought in close contact with wood, or any other similar material like sulphuric acid, different metals, and different synthetics, then it may cause flames or explosion.


Due to its explosive property caused by high oxidizing nature, it is kept separately and used in a controlled environment.


Preparation of Sodium Chlorate

Sodium chlorate is produced by the electrolysis of simple salty water (sodium chloride and water)

Sodium chlorate formula:  NaCl + 3H2O + 6 e-→ NaClO3 + 3H2.  


This process is exothermic in nature. It occurs in a number of steps. Also, the procedure is subject to pH and temperature alterations.


The preparation of sodium chlorate is quite simple, Chlorine gas (Cl2) is stored at the anode while hydrogen gas (H2) is stored at the cathode. Chlorine is then hydrolyzed in the cell to a hypochlorite anion group which at that point produces sodium chlorate.


Sodium Chlorate Uses

Sodium chlorate is used for many purposes. Some common uses are given below-


1). It is utilized for making herbicides, explosives, colors, matches, inks, beautifiers, pharmaceuticals, defoliants, paper, and calfskin.

2). It is used as a dying mash in the creation of the paper.

3). Used in the Solvay process which uses up the salt along with H2SO4, and the presence of CH3OH as the lessening specialist.

4). It is used as an oxidizing specialist in the large scale dye-making processes and an oxidizing and bleaching operator.

5). It is used in the medical field for preparing different drugs.

6). It is used in making fertilizers and explosives. 

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